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This is how you do burgers and beer


Grilling season isn’t quite upon us—that is, if you’re one of those fair-weather grillers—but there’s still plenty of opportunity to pair a juicy burger with your favorite beer. Over the last week, a few delicious developments have unfolded that should send your taste buds into overdrive: Oskar Blues CHUBurger and Smashburger beer pairings.

First, CHUBurger. This new Oskar Blues joint in Longmont, Colo., might be the most locavore burger bar in the country. Bites like the beefy CHUBurger and porky BERK Burger are sourced from the brewery’s Hops & Heifers farm, a few miles away. The beer list features a line-up of Oskar Blues’ core brands, plus a few surprises from the pilot brewery, which is located just down the road.

So, if you’re visiting Longmont, here’s your itinerary: Start your day with a drive by the farm. Then grab a bite to eat at CHUBurger. Follow that up with a tour of the brewery. Then, cap the day off with a stop at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids for dinner. Order right, and pretty much everything you’ve consumed that day was made or raised within the 10-mile radius you just covered.

If you’re not planning a trip to Longmont anytime soon and need to sate a deep burger-and-beer craving, look no further than Smashburger. The company’s continuing to roll out its craft beer pairing initiative by teaming up with local brewers to find the best flavorful fit for its food. If you live in Dallas, expect to see burgers paired with local Deep Ellum beer (like the Mushroom Swiss Burger with a Double Brown Stout). Reside in Denver? Get yourself a Colorado Burger and New Belgium Ranger IPA. The company’s also teamed up with Saint Arnold in Houston, Great Lakes in Cleveland, Summit in the Twin Cities, and the list continues to grow.

What’s your go-to beer when you’re flipping burgers?

[Images courtesy of Oskar Blues]


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