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Three new canning expansions to watch: Sierra Nevada, Live Oak, Tree House

New spaces bring room for canning lines in 2015.

torpedopalecansNo surprise here: 2015 will see even more canned beers rolling down the line. Breweries big and small are jumping on the speeding aluminum bullet, including Sierra Nevada’s North Carolina facility, Austin’s Live Oak and Massachusetts’ Tree House.

At Sierra Nevada‘s new Mills River facility, the brewery two weeks ago began canning Torpeda and Pale Ale to join the canned beers its Chico facility has rolled out since 2012. “We can get this beer to anywhere on the East Coast within a week or two. That’s really nice for us,” says brewery ambassador Bill Manley. In 2015, Sierra Nevada also will begin canning its new German-style pilsner, Nooner.

Up north, Massachusett’s Tree House brewing just completed a huge expansion that will allow it to produce ten times as much beer in 2015 as it did this yearsome of it in cans. Expect Julius, the brewery’s popular IPA, as well as a few others in four-pack aluminum. Jumping on the barrel aging/experimental fermentation bandwagon, Tree House also will add capacity for spontaneous culturing and wild fruit beers in the new space.

Austin’s Live Oak earlier this month broke ground on its own expansion, which will add a 20,000+ square foot facility with canning capabilities. Look for that to open in summer or fall of 2015.


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