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Toasting 2,500 times on Untappd

Last night, I hit an Untappd milestone.

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Last night, I hit 2,500 total beers logged on Untappd.

And I don’t even feel hungover today.

Those beverages stretch out to more than four years using the beer-centric social network, started back when it was a mobile website and not an app. It roughly averages out to about two beers per day, which is normally what I limit myself to each night.

I began using Untappd shortly after starting my beer and running streak, and it has continued to be a place where I keep track of the beers I drink and see what others are toasting and reviewing. In total, I’ve had nearly 900 different varieties of beer, and it’s where I keep track of trying new beers like my recent check-in Cold Pressed Macchiato Espresso Stout by Abita.

I’m not religious about using it, and sometimes there’s a day (or three) where I forget to add my beer. But for me, the biggest value for Untappd is when I’m in the beer aisle and trying to make a choice but feel paralyzed by options. Untappd gives me quick overall ratings as well as letting me know if I’ve tried this beer before.

A few of my Untappd favorites from recent check-ins include the Sierra Nevada IPA variety pack (Blindfold Black IPA, Golden IPA and Torpedo Extra IPA) as well as the warming Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout and the bike-themed Ride Again pale ale in a can from Lucette Brewing.

How about you? How do you track or take notes of the new types of beer you enjoy? If you’re on Untappd, you can add me here.

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