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Learn these 11 beer-related pronunciations and talk shop like a pro.


Aass (OOZ): A brewery in Norway.

Braggot [BRAG-it]: A standard type of mead that contains honey and malt.

Brettanomyces (breht-an-oh-MY-seez): A non-spore forming yeast.

Framboise (fram-BWAHZ): A raspberry-flavored lambic.

Gueuze (GEHW-zah): A spontaneously fermented ale.

Helles (HELL-uhs): A light-colored German lager.

Kölsch (KOWLSH): A pale ale style from Cologne, Germany.

Kriek [CREEK]: A Belgian beer fermented with sour cherries.

Maibock [MY-bock]: A strong lager originated in Germany’s Einbeck region.

Märzen (MAYRT-zen): German ale associated with Oktoberfest.

Pauwel Kwak [PAH-wel KWAK]: A Belgian strong ale by Brouwerij Bosteels.

Rauchbier (RAUK-beer): A smoke beer.

Saaz (ZAHTS): A noble hop used in pilsners.

Schlafly (SHLAH-flee): A St. Louis brewery.

St. Feuillien [saint FOO-ee-in]: An abbey brewery in Belgium dating back

to the 12th century.

Tsingtao [ching-DOW]:  A popular Chinese brewery established in 1903.

Weissbier [VYSE-beer]: A traditional wheat-based beer that originated in Bavaria.

Willamette [wih-LAM-mit]: A hop-producing valley south of Portland, Ore.

Wort (WURT): Liquid derived from mashing malted barley


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