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Trail runners launch new beer

"Simply put, we celebrate athletes."

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Three years ago, Caitlin Landesberg discovered she was gluten-intolerant. One of the biggest problems? She couldn’t find a decent gluten-free beer.

So she created one herself.

Today, Landesberg is founder and CEO of Sufferfest Beer Company, a San Francisco-based brewery that recently launched gluten-removed Epic Pilsner and Taper IPA.

Landsberg launched the brewery with a fellow trail runner Alyssa Berman-Waugh. Both previously worked at Strava, an app that tracks running and cycling workouts.

“Sufferfest Beer caters to people who love beer, and care about what they put in their bodies,” Landesberg said. “Simply put, we celebrate athletes.”

Their goal is to serve the needs of gluten-intolerant athletes “who craved a premium craft beer without ever having to settle on taste or quality.”

“People avoid gluten because it makes them feel better and/or train better,” Landesberg said.

To reach this group, they launched by pouring for 1,200 trail runners at the Way Too Cool 50k trail race, America’s largest 50k trail race, on March 5 in Cool, California.

Epic Pilsner and Taper IPA hit shelves this month in 25 select locations across the Bay Area.

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