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Trending: Beers with birds on the brain

Get out your National Audubon Field Guide and start practicing your bird calls—flocks of bird-themed beers are landing on shelves and tap lists nationwide. These 10 definitely are worth tweeting about.

Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Jill McNamara

Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Jill McNamara

Jackalope Lovebird
Lovebirds are as closely linked as the flavors of lemony wheat and jelly doughnuts in this highly carbonated, tart wheat ale brewed with strawberries and raspberries.

Right Brain Northern Hawk Owl
Dry biscuits, apple skin and hints of cinnamon alight with each sip of this amber ale before caramel, toasted grain and woody bitterness swoop in—like the diurnal owl for which the beer is named.

Insight Hell Chicken
The pale ale’s yuzu fruit exudes a pungent orange aroma; in the sip, a mid-palate lift of orange juice and orange blossom honey acquiesce to pecking, pithy bitterness.

7 Seas Rude Parrot
This IPA squawks with tropical and grassy scents, but the sip is malty, with smooth biscuits and sweet apricot perched on the shoulders of pineapple, rose petals and lawn clippings. Caramel and lightly toasted white bread round off the finish.

Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
The Lost Abbey’s legendary gueuze blends young and old oak-aged wild ales for a complex web of white grape, honeydew and grapefruit. Lemonand- vinegar tartness migrates off the palate slowly, leaving behind apricots and funky truffles.

Uinta Flamingose
Pink Floyd, the Chilean flamingo, escaped from Salt Lake City’s Tracey Aviary and took up residence at the Great Salt Lake. He’s the mascot for this briny German gose brewed with pineapple and coriander.

Mendocino Peregrine Pilsner
Most of Mendocino’s beers are named for raptors, but the peregrine falcon is the fastest of them all, diving at more than 200 miles per hour—almost as quick as this hoppy Czech pilsner’s finish.

Spiteful God Damn Pigeon Porter
This Chi-town porter condemns sky rats while incorporating resinous, piney Simcoe hops inside a chewy mocha caramel latte base.

Mad Fritz The Peacock and Jupiter
Fun fact: A family of peacocks is called a bevy. It’s an appropriate name, as additions of cardamom, coriander, lemongrass and mandarin rind infuse this witbier with a bevy of citrusy flavors to match its flourishes of vanilla and spice.

Off Color Jerk Bird
Brettanoymces creates a nest of baked pineapple in this 9% Belgian golden ale; flavors of pound cake, pear and amaretto layer on top. There’s even a peep of caramelized bananas at the finish.


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