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Upcycled: 750-mL bottles reborn

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A big, empty beer bottle is more than fodder for the recycling bin: Try one of these five new uses for your empties.

SOAP DISPENSER  Fill a bottle with dish soap and insert a pour spout (available at most hardware stores), and you’ve got a soap dispenser that’s too pretty to store under the sink.

ROLLING PIN  Roll out pastry dough with an empty 750. Baking sugar cookies? Fill the bottle with water, seal and refrigerate; tacky dough won’t stick to the chilly glass.

CANDLE HOLDER  Trim the end of a tapered candle until the stump just fits inside a bottle; light, and let the wax drip over the glass. Cluster a few on your dinner table for instant ambience.

FLOWER VASE  Show off a single stem inside a bottle wound with jute or twine (secure the ends with a dot of hot glue).

OIL LAMP  Brighten up a night of warm-weather patio drinking: Fill a clean, dry bottle with paraffin lamp oil, and insert a wick and a ceramic or metal wick stopper. Wait for the wick to absorb the oil, and light.

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