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Weekly brew news roundup

Pure Hoppiness goes national, Ballast Point going public.
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Alpine Beer Co. and Green Flash Brewing Co. are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their merger by taking Alpine’s Pure Hoppiness national for a limited run. The 8%-ABV double IPA, which until now has been limited to draft and 22-oz. bottles in the San Diego area, will be sold in six-packs and half-barrel kegs in all 50 states starting Nov. 1. While Green Flash has ramped up production of Pure Hoppiness, the release is expected to support national packaged and draft sales for just one month; after that, the beer will return to a draft-only offering in California, with plans to revive the national six-pack release each November to commemorate the breweries’ union.


In an age of craft brewery acquisitions and mergers, Ballast Point Brewing Co. is taking a different approach. The San Diego brewery filed IPO plans this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission to take the company public.

Ballast Point would join a handful of publicly traded craft brewing companies, which includes Boston Beer Co., Craft Brew Alliance, Mendocino Brewing Co., and tiny American Brewing (Edmonds, Washington), which was purchased by Tacoma-based Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. earlier in October.

According to the SEC filing, Ballast Point aims to raise $172.5 million with the IPO, with founder Jack White Jr. retaining the majority of voting power as the principal stockholder.


Starting Jan. 1 next year, breweries in California will no longer have to really limit what they post online. Assembly Bill 780 was signed into law earlier this month, which will allow alcohol producers to identify restaurants and shops carrying their products via social media.

Previously, breweries could not let followers on Facebook and Twitter know where their beer was sold unless in response to a direct inquiry from a customer.

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