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What’s in a name?: Seven Brides Brewing

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These days, a traditional wedding doesn’t come cheap. The owners of Seven Brides Brewing in Silverton, Ore., are well aware of the future budget buster, and they’re banking on beer to soften the blow. With seven daughters among the group of five old high-school friends, the big day will eventually arrive—and then it will arrive six more times.

“We’re three dads, two uncles and seven daughters,” says co-founder Jeff DeSantis, father of Lauren and Emily. “We tell the customers, ‘We’ve got seven weddings to pay for, so drink up.’”

The story behind the brewery isn’t lost on customers. From the logo—seven hash marks, one for each girl—to the beers, which adopt the daughters’ first, middle and nicknames, the brewery’s simply saturated in family spirit. Brews like Lauren’s Pale Ale and Emily’s Ember even inspire some familial competition: “After a big event, the girls want to know whose beer sold the most,” jokes DeSantis.

For now, the fathers and uncles are still a ways off from wedding season—the daughters range in age from 4 to 17—but they’re not wasting any time. Not only will Seven Brides’ distribution expand beyond the state this year, but the brewery will also make its first trip to the Great American Beer Festival since launching in 2008. And when the time comes to walk their girls down the aisle, the team has a plan.

“Each one of the hash marks on our logo is uniquely different, and each one of the girls has identified with one,” explains DeSantis. “When the girls get older and married—hopefully at least a decade from now—we’ll highlight each hash mark so people will know who’s taken.” –Christopher Staten




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