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What’s your bias?

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Check out this video from Kegworks, a catchall online bar equipment retailer. In it, two resident beer experts are asked to do a blind tasting—what they don’t know is they’re about to sample Bud Light Platinum, slated to hit shelves at the end of this month. Their first impressions are fairly positive: A pilsnerlike beer with favorable carbonation, subtle fruitiness and something one could easily imbibe all day. Once they find out it’s a Bud Light product, a bit of backtracking ensues.

We craft beer lovers rightfully feel it’s a duty to support the small guys, but what if the “Big Three” put out a product that tingled your taste buds in all the right places? What if the lager offerings from your local craft breweries paled in comparison to something like Bud Light Platinum, or some theoretical yet-to-be-made product? Would you give up lagers all together, or proudly tip back bottles of Platinum because that’s what you enjoy?

No judgment here, just a final question: Are there products—beer or otherwise—you enjoy but no longer purchase due to a personal bias about the brand?


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  • Uptheriver says:

    It’s a fackin beer. Drink it.

  • Wandering Justin says:

    I try to let my taste buds decide without worrying about who made it. I love supporting small brewers, but there are some macrobreweries doing nice stuff (albeit dressed up as craft breweries).

  • cbjerrisgaard says:

    Marco beer in terms of what they are making is not as bad as some make it out to be. I just don’t buy it out of the principal of trying to avoid globalization. I’d rather an artisan make my beer, not a scientist. It doesn’t mean the scientist is bad at it.

  • Larry says:

    I’ll stick to principals. The big guys are doing their best to grab as much of the craft market as they can. I don’t intend to give them money to help them in their endeavors.

  • Hindu Elvis Pimp says:

    I’ll say it like Jules from Pulp Fiction.

    Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie….I’ll never know because I’m not going to try it.

    It’s filthy. Their desire to make great beer over making lots of money is NEVER going to happen. I won’t be tricked and I won’t support this company.

    Drink local!!

  • Tim Nichols says:

    I think 99-100 craft beer drinkers would rather support their local brewery than a giant megacorp. Although it would be interesting to see what would happen if Coors made a beer that tasted like Pliny the Elder and sold it for $6 a six pack!

  • Mr White says:

    The truth of the matter is the low quality of the products used by the macro beer makers. Corn, rice, and who knows what else. Everyday we are saturated with “natural flavors” that are scientifically created to fool us. Even if sh*t tastes like something else, it’s still sh*t.

  • The Reverend Baby Doctor Bedpan says:

    How come they never smell the beer?

    What are their credentials as beer “expert”?

    There are categories in both the BJCP and the GABF for American light lagers. Being to style does not make a good beer.

  • dale says:

    I’d drink it, but I won’t pay for it. As stated by other responders, I don’t want to support Big Beer with my dollars because they are doing everything they can to crush the little guy. I’m not against big corporations, but I’m against anyone or anything that limits the availability of good beer.

  • bill6beers says:

    AB-InBev, SABMiller, and MolsonCoors will not see a dime of my money no matter how many great breweries they snatch up. I’ll miss Bourbon County Stout, but there are hundreds of great beers to help me get over it, without sending money to those guys.

  • naftaking says:

    I would drink it, only if someone bought it for me. My money goes to the local micros, unless I can’t find any where ever I am. Then it’s Sam Adams.

  • Lloyd Wabbit says:

    Who is Bud Light Platinum even for? The alcohol content seems too high for their core audience of light lager drinkers, and the Bud Light name isn’t exactly going to grab craft beer fans either. My best guess is that this is supposed to be some sort of “premium” malt liquor, providing higher alcohol (and perhaps better flavor) but none of the stigma, or it’s another nondescript offering meant to take up shelf space and to remind people of a brand they’re slowly forgetting.

    In any case, I’m not all that interested in beer produced by brewers who don’t care about beer.

  • NoQuarter says:

    I’m doing my part in supporting a number of craft breweries, especially those in NC. Of course the larger corporations want to make money, but I don’t necessarily see that as a declaration to crush the little guy. At the end of the day they provide jobs and stimulate the economy as well. While sales is going to be the bottom line, it’s not inconceivable that they also have a goal to produce a good beer… and how is that any different than the goals of the local brewmaster? Last there is a place for it all. My kegerator and fridge are bursting with craft beer, but once September rolls around and I’m loading up the tailgate every other weekend I’ll be supporting the macros as well.

  • SoothSayer says:

    I get a kick out of the posers here who only drink local or craft beer. Good beer comes from all different places…small companies like 3 Floyd’s and goliaths like ABInbev. Let the liquid speak for itself!

    And if you’re not giving a dime to the big guys, where do you buy your gas, groceries, and electricity? Where do you bank?

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