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What’s your favorite beer style micro-trend?


In the most recent issue of DRAFT, we spotlighted six hot trends in craft beer right now. Check them out, and then head out to your local shop to pick up your own trendy mix-six.

For this post, I’m curious about your favorite micro-trends in craft beer; the ones you’ve seen pop up more frequently at your local bar or bottle shop, or simply heard about through friends.

Below, I’ve listed a handful of trends, which range from easy-to-find (a few I pulled from the recent DRAFT Sixer) to pretty rare, but gaining a really obsessive following. This isn’t an exhaustive list, just a few I find particularly interesting and noteworthy. If you have a favorite trend that’s not listed, tell us about it in the comments.

Click on each one for further explanation, and then vote for your favorite below.

New Zealand Hopped IPA
Session IPA
100-percent Brett beer
Cucumber beer (a stretch, I know, but I want it to happen)
Fruit Berliner weisse
Native ale
India pale lager
Belgian table beer

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