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What’s your favorite fruit beer?


There’s not much to learn from this video beyond the fact that this beer exists (which is a pretty comforting fact). I’m a pretty big fan of Goose Island Sofie—who isn’t?—so when I heard the brewery was releasing a grapefruit version, I was pretty excited. Then I found out it’s a draft only release. You can imagine how the slightly biting grapefruit would thread perfectly through the beer’s delicate grains and barnyard to connect with the lemon and floral notes. If you live in Chicago, good for you.

If you’ve had the chance to pick up our May/June issue, you’ll notice we’re pretty intrigued by the new wave of fruit-spiked beers out on the market. They’re everywhere: Saisons with grapes, IPAs with oranges, witbiers with strawberries and Belgian quads with dates. My favorite tend to be the ones that use fruit to accentuate a flavor that’s already woven into the profile—this is often best executed by matching fruit with hop flavors in a pale ale, IPA or imperial IPA.

Since we closed the issue, even more fruit-spiked beers have come through our door. There’s Dogfish Head Sixty-One, a phenomenal IPA brewed with Syrah grape must; Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA, brewed with 3,000 pounds of peach puree; 4 Hands Pyrus Saison, a saison brewed with orange zest and pear juice; SanTan Mr. Pineapple, a wheat beer with pineapple juice; and…well I could keep going but you get the point. We’ve even got a whole section in our tasting lineup dedicated to new orange-spiked beers.

Beer-fruit combinations are seemingly endless, and when executed perfectly, they’re astoundingly delicious.

What’s your favorite fruit beer you’ve sipped so far this year?


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