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A six-pack of winter citrus

Don’t ignore citrus beers in the winter; reach for IPAs and amber ales that have a bit more oomph than summer’s blonde ales and shandies. Farmers harvest oranges, grapefruit, limes and other citrus between October and May, making winter months the ideal time to pump some extra vitamin C into your glass.
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Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Elizabeth Normoyle

Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Elizabeth Normoyle

New Belgium Citradelic
A profusion of tropical and fruity hops—Citra, Mandarina Bavaria, Azacca and Galaxy—beefs up this IPA’s tangerine peel addition and adds bright, juicy complexity to the sweet-tangy aroma. The even-keeled sip introduces orange and lemon rindlike flavors that tilt the swallow toward an earthy, slightly grassy close.

Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA
Less acidic and more berrylike than navel oranges, blood oranges contribute a pulpy, tropical kick to this West Coast IPA’s aroma. Leafy and grapefruitlike hops begin the earthy-sweet sip before firm bitterness hits the palate, leaving a bite of deep mango flavor at the finish.

Alpine Mandarin Nectar
A double dose of oranges—fresh zest and orange blossom honey— lends a soft citrusy-floral sweetness to this honey ale spiced with coriander. Spiced honey arrives on the tongue first, deepening into orange blossom and pastry dough flavors, like a Christmas sugar cookie.

Baird Temple Garden Yuzu Ale
Japanese-grown yuzu fruit resemble spherical, slightly lumpy lemons and are so tart that they’re rarely eaten plain. But their tangy, hand-processed peels and juice meet a cushiony wheat beer base for a smooth, lemon-tart mouthful that would pair deftly with pad thai or fried chicken.

Brew Hub Keybilly Island Ale
A sturdy but not too sweet amber ale provides a lightly toasted base for intensely aromatic and sharp Key lime juice to shine. More concentrated than Persian limes, these tiny green fruits are synonymous with the Florida Keys; this easydrinking, zesty beer might put you in vacation mode.

SanTan MoonJuice Galactic Grapefruit IPA
Grapefruit IPAs have recently become ubiquitous, but SanTan’s stands apart for its aroma that mixes grapefruit rind with fresh chive-scented hops. The sip opens with a flash of mango and peachy hops before smoothly integrated grapefruit guides it to a pithy and cleanly bitter finale.

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