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Xmas day delight: 5 gingerbread beers

Have a very merry, sweet 'n' spicy day!


The season’s best gingerbread-inspired beers ensure that this Christmas day is quite merry; here are five we’re drinking now!

If you found a big can of Golden Road Back Home Gingerbread Stout in your stocking, then you must’ve been good this year. Now, it’s time to crack it open and spice things up: Tart ginger, nutmeg and a huge blast of bright cinnamon are tongue-numbingly delicious; a dash of espresso balances the sip. The spicing is like bells ringing loudly, so be careful, you might not notice the stout’s powerful 8.5%-ABV.

From aroma to finish, Buffalo Bayou Gingerbread Stout pairs the sweet and spicy fun of a freshly baked gingersnap with the wonderful complexity of a rich imperial stout. The silky stout base is the ideal starting point for bright, sparkling ginger and cinnamon; the roast in the finish lends a slightly burnt edge to balance the sweetness, and reminds you of homemade cookies. We think this beer would be heavenly with a piece of pumpkin pie, and later on, a fireside cigar.

Shipyard Gingerbread Head is your all-day, go-to gingerbread beer: With only 4.6% ABV, it easily takes you from breakfast to bedtime. On the tongue, it’s like a liquid frosted raisin cookie, with sugary icing sweetness and fruitiness threading a sturdy bready base. The spirited carbonation makes it drinkable and festive; you’ll definitely be back for seconds.

If one of your 2015 resolutions is to eat and drink more organic, then start here: Bison Organic Gingerbread Ale is a dessert-worthy porter that centers on sweet, toasted gingerbread and rich chocolate flavors. Prickly carbonation keeps the liquid dancing, while a dash of roast pulls the sip to a delicious finish.

You’re likely to find the new Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale on shelves wherever you are, which is a good thing because it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. A simple, caramel-sweet amber ale is the starting point for this well-spiced brew: cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger all bounce brightly through the sip. Just the right marriage of hop bitterness and ginger zing meet up in the end for a clean finish.


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