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YOUR CELLAR: David’s giant, all-American cellar

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David Bradley’s Portland, Ore., cellar is the biggest we’ve ever seen. The guy’s got more than 2,000 bottles. All of them American-brewed. He’s got the first-ever DarkLord, and standouts from Pelican, Moylan’s New Glarus, and hundreds of others. David is legit.

What’s refreshing, though, is that with all those bottles, David would be well within his beer-ego rights to go super-serious with a dedicated cellar, and walk around bragging about his wireless temperature control system and full-time beer butler.

But instead, David keeps his bottles in plain sight, lined up in shelves, on shelves, beneath shelves, on the floor, on tables—wherever he can squeeze them in. This way, he can keep an eye on his beer-kids while he’s watching TV or at the computer. Come to think of it, shouldn’t EVERY cellar have a futon and a papasan chair?

Only one thing, David: Why no love for cans? Canned beer is beer, too. And hey, you could probably fit about 50 cans under the futon.

Here, David’s cellar deets:

Name: David Bradley

Location: Beervana (Portland), Ore.

How many beers: 2,009; all full, all U.S.

Cellar setup: Just on shelves.

Oldest beer: 1985 OSA [Anchor’s Our Special Ale, now Anchor Christmas Ale]

Newest beer: Omission Pale Ale, and it won’t be drank!

Best can: No cans! Ack!

Longest vertical: OSA going back to 1985, though there are a few gaps.

Crowning glory: First generation [Three Floyds] DarkLord.

What’s missing: The white whale of them all, [Stone] 02.02.02.

What you’re opening next, and why: Widmer Hefeweizen, because it’s what’s for breakfast…

Don’t forget: Big or small, we want to see YOUR cellar, too! Here’s how to show us your stuff.


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