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Your go-to Earth Day beer

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Today’s Earth Day, so it only seems right to mention the newest organic beer that’s arrived in our office: Bison Hop Cuvée, an organic American IPA.

Organic IPAs often get mixed reactions. The availability of USDA certified organic hops isn’t as vast as regular hops, which means organic breweries have limited varieties to choose from and, by default, the flavor profile of their IPAs is often confined. But, that’s starting to change and Hop Cuvée is proving the point. The most interesting thing about this beer is that the purpose of its flavor profile is to showcase the evolving selection and quality of organic hops. Each year, the beer’s hops will change to reflect the best available organic hops produced where the brewery sources the ingredients. This year, it’s Citra, Simcoe and Centennial from three family-owned farms in Washington’s Yakima Valley—this is the first year certified organic Citra and Simcoe are available.

The result is quite delicious, and gives an optimistic outlook on the future of organic beer. The beer sings with bright grapefruit, passion fruit and a touch of pine, backed by bready, lightly toasted malts. It’s got a refreshingly dry, snappy finish, followed by an intangible, earth-friendly sense of well-being.

Put simply: This is my Earth Day beer of choice, and quite possibly my favorite organic beer.

What are you drinking on Earth Day?


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  • Jim Columbia says:

    Green Lakes Organic Ale by Deschutes Brewery and BaBa Organic Black Lager by Uinta Brewing.

  • Organic Dan says:


    You are AWESOME! Thanks so much for giving me the ego boost today….but, more importantly, I’m glad that you like the beer and can get down with my organic mission.

    As always, much love to you and DRAFT Magazine. You guys rock!



  • Ashley (@TheBeerWench) says:

    Unfortunately, Deschutes stopped making its Green Lakes Organic Ale after the hop laws changed in 2013.

    Thanks for pimping us out Chris–I fucking love you. Let me know if you EVER need anything from Bison….we owe you big time!


    The Wench

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