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Your new favorite beer map


The folks over at must have a few beer hounds on staff because they’ve produced some pretty cool pieces of geeky beer art—check out this piece and the pretty attractive U.S. map above ($30, 39” x 27”). I love the map’s simplicity; click on it for a larger view. The locations are set against the country’s major highways which kind of makes you want to hop in a car and turn the classic great American road trip into a great American beer run (not this kind of beer run; that would be a feat only Forrest Gump would tackle, and he only drinks Dr. Pepper).

What strikes me most about the map is how it visually emphasizes our beer-soaked cities: The San Francisco Bay Area (including wine country) and Seattle are impressively populated. But, it’s New England (actually, from Pennsylvania to Maine) that’s the most striking. I know the region has a ton of breweries, but seeing them so concentrated on the map really drives that point home. Note: There are a number of breweries missing, but the compilation is still impressive.

Of course, we all know about the insane increase of breweries and brewpubs across the country, so this map will probably be out of date in the time it takes to ship. Still, it would be a decorative addition to the bar of any beer ticker or geography enthusiast.


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