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Trending: 10 beers with Asian twists

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Photo by Ed Rudolph

Photo by Ed Rudolph

Bottle Logic | Hanamachi
Japanese brewers craft some beautiful, delicate rice lagers; Anaheim, California-based Bottle Logic brews a rice lager with soft crackerlike malts and wildflower honey sweetness that dance lightly on the palate before a crisp, dry finish.

Second Self | Thai Wheat
Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Co. throws ginger and lemongrass into its Thai Wheat ale, creating prominent spiciness in the aroma and taste. Refreshing hints of lime complement lemongrass in the flavor, and soft carbonation guides the sip to a clean finish.

Bare Hands | Thai.P.A.
This brewery from Granger, Indiana, adds palm sugar, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and galangal (similar to ginger root) to an American IPA, creating a thick, herbal aroma. Quiet honey buoys the lime zest, ginger and lemongrass flavors that all hit at once before assertive bitterness bites hard.

Logsdon | Szech ’n Brett
A common spice in Chinese, Tibetan and Indian dishes, Szechuan pepper isn’t like chili pepper—it’s the seed husks from flowering plants in the citrus family. In this Brett-laced saison from Hood River, Oregon, the Szechuan peppercorns add a glint of prickling spice to earthy straw and pear flavors; quiet hay-like Brett funk pulls at the sides for a compelling sip.

Elysian | Avatar Jasmine IPA
Chinese tea sometimes features fragrant jasmine blossoms; this Seattle-brewed jasmine IPA’s perfumy, floral tones emulate the sweet scent beautifully with just a nip of earthy hops swirling deep beneath. Elegant petal notes emerge in the flavor with just enough bitterness for balance. Mild honeysuckle rounds out a sweet finish.

Rogue | Morimoto Soba Ale
Soba, another word for buckwheat, serves as the flour base for the thin Japanese noodles of the same name. Newport, Oregon’s Rogue Ales includes roasted soba in this beer’s malt bill, giving the delicate sip lightly toasted nuttiness that transitions to bready sweetness before a firm, bitter finish.

Hitachino Nest | Saison Du Japon
Japan’s Kiuchi Brewery makes this saison with yuzu, a tart citrus fruit common to Japanese cuisine. Passion fruit and lemon sweep across the palate while a cracker-like malt backbone supports the sip. It finishes dry, leaving a little tartness on the tongue.

Ten Ninety | Zen
Based in Glenview, Illinois, Ten Ninety Brewing Co. makes this spring seasonal pale ale with lemongrass and green tea. After a cooling, herbal start, moderate green tea flavor emerges midsip, combining with earthy citrus hop notes at the end. The tea’s bitterness dries the palate for a clean finish.

Northwest | Bad Panda Ginger Pale Ale
Pacific, Washington-brewed Bad Panda showcases a huge dose of zingy ginger. Shavings from the root pace the aroma, with spearmint and orange flesh lingering on the edges. Sweet and spicy caramelized ginger commands the sip while faint cookie dough surfaces at the finish, tempering the spice.

Rogness | Yogi Chai Spiced Amber
The pungent medley of Vietnamese cinnamon, ginger, clove and cardamom creates a captivating aroma in this chai-inspired amber ale. On the tongue, it’s like a chai latte; strong cardamom and barky cinnamon create wonderful depth in the swallow. Cinnamon spice prickles into the finish for a long-lasting sip.



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