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10 patriotic beers

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Ten beers made for an all-American palate.

Yards General Washington’s Tavern Porter

The first American president was a fan of Philadelphia porters; he even developed his own recipe for personal consumption. Based on that recipe, this 7% ABV porter is a trip back to the dawn of modern democracy.

Avery Ale to the Chief

It was Teddy Roosevelt who envisioned the “speak softly and carry a big stick” diplomacy, and Avery takes that to heart with this big, bold double IPA. Hoping to be a hit at the Democratic National Convention in August, this “presidential” pale ale is a play off of the “imperial” classification that originated in England. After a few sips of this hopmonster, speaking softly should prove difficult.


Independence Pale Ale

Brewed in memory of the original American pioneers of Texas—those volunteers who sacrificed blood in an effort to break from Mexican control—this beer flaunts the battle cry of Gonzales: “Come and take it!” It’s made with Northwestern hops and barley, and the taste finishes much cleaner than any of the battles fought on Texas soil.


Elk Grove Freedom Double IPA

This IPA, available only during summer months, is not only brewed in honor of our freedom, but it also presents another American ideal: giving back. For each pint purchased, 25 cents are donated to charity. And with 65 pounds of hops used to brew each batch of this massive beer, the whole experience will leave a good taste in your mouth.


Diamond Bear Presidential IPA

The name says it all, and so does the slogan: “A Beer Fit for a Head of State.” Perfect for any July fourth parade, the bottle is wrapped in red and white stripes; a nice replacement for Old Glory in those flag-waving moments. The hop selection, reflecting our strongest diplomatic relationship, features a strong portion of American Cascades allied with British Fuggles and Goldings.


Capital U.S. Pale Ale

Capital Brewery keeps this selection simple, noting that the beer features “hops with an American accent.” With assertive Cascade hops making a charge on your palate and finishing with zesty citrus notes, this brew reflects our country’s willingness to shake things up a bit.


21st Amendment Bitter American

Whether it’s a stalling economy, a political scandal or a broken foreign policy, there’s always one reason or another to succumb to bitterness. That said, this American session beer has enough IBUs to commiserate with you. With a low 3.6% ABV, feel free to order multiple rounds while exercising the right to wax poetic about our nation’s pros and cons.


Sequoia General Grant ESB

Ulysses S. Grant fought in the Mexican-American War, served as a general in the American Civil War, became this country’s 16th president and guided Southern states through the strenuous Reconstruction—it’s safe to say this man deserved a beer, if not a beer named after him. Paying homage to his British roots, this English bitter uses Kent Goldings hops.


Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams, father of the American Revolution, fueled the fire of independence from Britain and found time to indulge in the practice of brewing. Once a household name for residents of Boston in the late 1700s, Samuel Adams has returned as a prominent fixture in the craft beer movement.


Anchor Liberty Ale

Introduced to the masses in 1975 to commemorate the bicentennial of Paul Revere’s midnight ride from Boston to Lexington, this beer is an ode to American history.




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