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10 touristy beers

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Need a cheap getaway? Sip beers named after some of the nation’s most popular vacation spots.

Alamo Golden Ale
Alamo’s subtly sweet graininess, hints of toast and grassy hops converge in a balanced swallow you’ll never forget.

Beer Works Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale

It’s not exactly history revised, but this Bunker Hill swaps out redcoats for blueberries as it storms the tongue with an enjoyable effervescence and sweet, fruity finish.

Coney Island Lager
This crazy beer’s brewed with eight malts, six hops and Czech pilsner yeast, creating a freakishly flavorful yet crisp swallow that’s bigger than sideshow status.

Florida Beer Key West Southernmost Wheat
Don your parrot shirt: A twist of lime gives this otherwise traditional Belgian-style witbier a bit of island flavor.

Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA
Vibrant grapefruit and orange hop notes are as bright as a sunny SoCal beach—perfect for lounging in the sand, but not if you’re on lifeguard duty.

Hollywood Blonde
Blondes in Tinseltown are a dime a dozen, but this one’s sweet grains and grassy, floral hops make it worth chasing after.

Kona Wailua Wheat
Just like Maui’s Wailua Falls, this invigorating fruit-spiked wheat beer splashes down with fervor. Unlike the water feature, it’s packed with soft wheat, bright orange and hints of passion fruit.

Chicago Windy City Wheat
A whirlwind of orange, lemon and coriander whips through this Belgian-style witbier’s profile for an incredibly brisk swallow.

Grand Teton Old Faithful Ale
A geyser of citrusy hops and bready malts bursts on the tongue, leaving the taste buds tingling in its wake.

Beach Chalet Presidio IPA
This San Francisco-born IPA, named after the historic military base-turned-park that sits at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge, is fortified with sturdy grapefruit and pine hop notes.



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