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2012 summer beer mixtape

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Bust out your boom box and load up the cooler: We’re giving you our ultimate summer beer mixtape—that is, summer’s best jams paired with the season’s best beers. Side A is the new stuff and Side B is strictly classics, so turn up the volume, crack one open and get ready to get down.


Song: What Makes You Beautiful” / One Direction    Beer: Samuel Adams Summer Ale

The boy band returns (again?!) in full force with this saccharine pop-ballad, but your beer doesn’t have to be nearly as sticky-sweet; Sam Adams’ summer beer breezes by with just touches of lemon, grains of paradise and wheat tartness.

Song: Scream” / Usher    Beer: New Glarus Totally Naked

Usher’s getting drunk to the thought of his latest club conquest naked; get the same effect by drinking a few Nakeds yourself.

Song:Somebody That I Used to Know” / Gotye    Beer: Napa Smith Cool Brew Hop Ale

This dry-hopped American pale ale leaves a bitter taste in your mouth—just like that summer fling who de-friended you on Facebook.

Song:Pound The Alarm” / Nicki Minaj    Beer: Brooklyn Summer Ale

The queen of Queens and Brooklyn’s gold-and-starry-canned summer ale team up for a dance extravaganza worthy of a New York club.

Song:Drunk On You” / Luke Bryan    Beer: Sweetwater Road Trip Ale

Georgia boy Bryan croons, “I’m drunk on you, high on summertime,” which is perfect for this easy summer beer from the same brewery that brings you 420 Pale Ale.

Song: Let’s Go” / Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo    Beer: Gordon Biersch SommerBrau

You must. Keep. Dancing. But you also need to rehydrate; Gordon Biersch’s crisp kolsch refreshes without weighing you down… those fists don’t pump on their own, you know.

Song: Gold On The Ceiling” / The Black Keys    Beer: New Belgium Somersault

The perfect way to see gold on the ceiling: doing a somersault. Your summer concert mosh moves get kicked up a notch with this annual soft, apricot-edged release.

Song:The Power” / DJ Fresh feat. Dizzee Rascal    Beer: Newcastle Summer Ale

When Rascal says, “Give me something for my beer glass,” we’d say this dry, bitter brew is a the perfect pour; it’s also a U.K. import, just like him.



Song: Summertime” / DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince    Beer: Southampton Keller Pils

Meet Big Willie Style’s demands—“Give me a soft, subtle mix / and if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”—with the gentle bubbles and delicate hops of this classic German style. A traditional, easygoing pilsner without the usual summery adjuncts: That’s the new definition of summer madness.

Song: Cruel Summer” / Bananarama    Beer: Lakefront Wisconsinite

Pegged “The most Wisconsin beer ever,” this German hefeweizen’s brewed with 100% Badger-state-born ingredients. Huge banana notes make it a fit for the 1983 Bananarama hit.

Song: Saturday In the Park” / Chicago    Beer: Goose Island Summertime

People talking, people laughing, a man selling ice cream—and you sipping on this clean kolsch from the band’s own Windy City.

Song: Summer Girls” / LFO    Beer: Shiner Ruby Redbird

New Kids on the Block might’ve had a bunch’a hits, but so has the 103-year-old Spoetzl Brewery—including this grapefruit lager. The late Rich Cronin was pretty particular about his preferences (“Like the color purple, macaroni and cheese / Ruby red slippers and a bunch of trees”), but we’re sure he’d like this ruby-hued ginger-citrus bomb.

Song: Centerfield” / John Fogerty    Beer: Pyramid Curveball

Even with a beat-up glove, a homemade bat and a brand-new pair of shoes, you’ll need a killer curveball to get the MVP title of your office softball team. A round of these floral, perky pours should seal up the votes.

Song: Summer of ’69” / Bryan Adams    Beer: Magic Hat Elder Betty

If you’re reminiscing about graduating before the summer of ’69, we hate to say it, but you’re no spring chicken. No worries, some things are better a little bit elder (berry); the fruit notes in this brew keep things fresh, just like you.

Song: Stir It Up” / Bob Marley    Beer: Summit Summer Ale

Drinking’s a good way to while away your cares, but the dank Mt. Hood and Hallertau hops in Summit’s brand-new seasonal evoke another kind of mind-altering activity.

Song: Surfin’ U.S.A.” / The Beach Boys    Beer: East Coast Beach Haus

Not everybody can have an ocean, but they can have a Beach Haus, a pilsner that’s made on the Jersey Shore but pairs better with baggies and Huarachis than Snooki’s bikini.

Song: Hot in Herre” / Nelly    Beer: Alaskan Summer

If triple-digit heat has you so hot your want to take your clothes off, try a beer first; this golden kolsch from our coldest state will keep the temps low.

Song:Summer Breeze” / Seals & Crofts    Beer: O’Fallon Kite Tail

A summer breeze will blow this Kite’s grainy-sweet smell to your nose; the cream ale’s barely there wheat-tart conclusion will make you feel fine.



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