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Brewery to watch: 3 Sons Brewing Co.

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Joe and Corey Artanis | Photo by LibbyVision.com

Joe and Corey Artanis | Photo by LibbyVision.com

Hype is a sensitive word in the beer world. It refers to buzz around a certain brewery, but with a Cheshire Cat smile that implies the glow won’t last. In Dania Beach, Florida, though, hype has built a business with four walls and a name: 3 Sons Brewing Co.

The momentum has been growing since Hunahpu’s Day 2015, Cigar City Brewing’s megapopular annual beer festival, when Corey Artanis won Best Brewery for his brewery 3 Sons (he was still brewing on others’ equipment then) and Best Beer for Kopi Summation, a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout brewed with coffee and vanilla beans.

The accolades earned Artanis—a former Army soldier who was a paramedic at the time—an offer to quit his hospital job and brew professionally at The Brass Tap in Naples. It also led to collaborations with Abnormal Beer Co., Bottle Logic Brewing and Cycle Brewing. The latter was called Rare Scoop, a Four Roses bourbon barrel- aged version of 3 Sons’ Neapolitan ice cream-flavored milk stout that’s become Cycle’s top-rated beer on Untappd.

In 2016, Artanis returned to Hunahpu’s Day to pour his 3 Sons beers. A line formed at his tent as soon as the festival opened, and Artanis took home three awards, once again including Best Brewery and Best Beer against competition from the likes of Side Project, Bottle Logic, Toppling Goliath and Westbrook. He points to that day as his “I could actually start my own brewery” epiphany.

“It’s very nerve-wracking but very special,” Artanis says. “Especially after the second time I won the medals, people were constantly emailing and calling and wanting to know what our hours are and when we are opening.” They’ll just have to wait. Artanis and his father (his 3 Sons’ co-founder), Joe, have purchased a 10,000-square-foot building. Construction is underway and the pair hopes for a autumn 2017 opening.

Named for Corey’s three sons, the brewery is a family affair through and through. “My wife came up with the name. At first I didn’t like it because it sounded like a moving company, but it grew on me. It embodies the family thing.”

Though Artanis’ attention is currently monopolized by construction details, he has ideas for an opening beer lineup. Expect a roster of hoppy stuff like pale ales, IPAs and double IPAs, some in the vein of the hazy, New England style. He also plans to brew a pilsner, noting, “In South Florida, everyone could use a pilsner,” and fruited Berliner weisses.

Motivated in part by his culinary degree from Miami Culinary Institute, Artanis has no plans to stop brewing the bold, food-inspired beers that put him on the map. “With my quote-unquote culinary background, I love food and being able to express myself through beer using those cool ingredients,” he says. “Beers that aren’t out there yet, you get to try to make yourself.”

Artanis’ Three To Try 

Double Scoop Neapolitan Ice Cream Stout: “It’s literally a Willy Wonka beer. It starts with strawberry, then you get vanilla and then you get to chocolate. It’s one of the weirdest beers and it’s amazing.”

Summation:  “Summation is an imperial stout, though I don’t really brew much to style. It’s a base beer designed for coffee additions. Because it doesn’t have a whole lot of roastiness to the base, I use the coffee to add bitterness and roast. I do variations on it with different coffees or vanilla beans or other treatments, and different barrels for aging as well.”

Boysen Tha Hood: “It’s a boysenberry and black currant kettle-soured Berliner weisse; there’s big-time fruit in there and a purple head. It’s really cool-looking. Its acidity level is more on the approachable side; I don’t really like it to be super tart. For a lot of people who say they don’t like beer, this is a beer they enjoy.”


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