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4 great grills

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Whether you prefer your cut smoky, flawlessly seared or fired up in a parking lot, there’s a barbecue for every steak style.

GAS: Broil King Sovereign 90

WHY GO GAS?: For maximum control. The best steaks are seared on a grill’s hot zone, then cooked over indirect heat on a less fiery area of the grates to maintain moisture—and gas grills’ temperature knobs and multiple burners make manipulating the temperature a cinch. THE DETAILS: A 48,000-BTU burner cooks meat consistently with Broil King’s proprietary even-flame technology on 725 square inches of grill space, while a side burner’s perfect for side dishes; included partitions allow you to focus heat to specific spots. Bonus: It also boasts an 18,000-BTU rear rotisserie. BUY IT: $1,215, broilkingbbq.com


WHY GO INFRARED?: Because it sears steak perfectly. Gas and charcoal models cook meat like a convection oven, by heating the air inside the grill; infrared versions grill via superhot (up to 900 degrees) infrared radiation from ceramic or steel burners that cook meat quickly and uniformly. The result: an even sear that locks in steak’s juices for moist, restaurant-quality cuts. THE DETAILS: TEC’s stainless-steel model is available with two, three or four 17,000-BTU infrared burners and up to 702 square inches of grilling space, plus a warming rack. Removable interior panels make for easy cleaning. BUY IT: $2,899, tecinfrared.com

CHARCOAL: Weber One-Touch Gold 26.75

WHY GO CHARCOAL?: For the smoky, crusty char you can only get from charcoal grilling. These cookers allow grillmasters to shift briquettes on a whim to create hot and cool zones, essentially tailoring the grill for each cookout. THE DETAILS: This classic kettle’s a favorite of the pros for its nearly 27-inch diameter cooking space (that’s more than 500 square inches!) and hinged steel grate that lets you add briquettes without removing the grate—or your food. The One-Touch cleaning system lets you dump ashes in seconds. BUY IT: $299, weber.com

PORTABLE: Fuego Element

WHY GO PORTABLE?: For T-bones on the go. You get less muscle out of smaller, portable grills, but they’re perfect for patient tailgaters and campers who are careful not to overcrowd the grates, and anyone with limited outdoor space. THE DETAILS: This sleek model’s as uncomplicated in action as it is on the move: A push-button igniter lights the 8,000-BTU burner, and a control valve allows you to adjust the temperature between 350 and 650 degrees. Off-duty, a travel band keeps the lid, grill and legs in place; carry the 15-pounder around via the legs that double as handles, or sling it over your shoulder with the clip-on strap. BUY IT: $150, elementbyfuego.com



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