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4 ways to pair pumpkin pie

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Think a glass of milk’s the only way to wash down pumpkin pie? Think again: Everybody’s favorite holiday dessert gets new life from a slew of brews.


An even-keeled amber hits a bite of pie just right with its balanced malt and hops and clean bitterness; a brown ale acts similarly, but deeper toffeelike malts draw out more pie-crust sweetness.


A bitter porter’s reserved chocolate, smoke and roast nuances sink right into pumpkin filling; amplify those malt notes with a chocolate or coffee stout.


When bubbly, sweet apple cider hits a moussy forkful of pumpkin and autumnal spice, the planets align. A tart berry lambic ups the flavor factor and dramatically takes over the swallow.


Pumpkin pie spice perfectly connects with a hefeweizen’s light clove touch. A more obvious match? A spiced-up pumpkin ale to bolster the cinnamon.

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