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5 holiday hints for gifting beer


Rod Johnson from Grand Cru Beer and Cheese Market in Rhinebeck, N.Y., shares a few hints on how to spread the cheer with beer.

1. Consider bringing a large-format beer to the host of your next holiday party: It’s appropriate for the host to open the bottle and share it at the gathering, so you might even get a taste of your own generosity! And if someone brings a bottle to your soiree, go ahead and crack it open for your guests.

2. If you’re giving a bottle that will age well, be sure to include a note explaining when to pop it open. Coincide it with a specific date, like, “Open in August, on your anniversary!” or “Save for New Years Eve 2018!” (Check out our Cellar Blog for some great agers!)

3. Trying to woo a wine lover? Select beers that have vinous qualities: Look for ones that are in a large-format bottle, ring in above 8.0% ABV and are made with grapes, fruit or honey.

4. Theme a mix-six, and be creative: It’s easy to put together six winter seasonals/Christmas beers, six of one style (stout, IPA, sour, etc.) or a mix of brews from different regions, like all Denver, all San Diego or all Belgian.

5. For a little something extra, create a beer basket with cheese and charcuterie, or add style-suiting glassware to go with the bottles.


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