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99 amazing food and beer experiences

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We know what beer can do in a glass, but what can it do on a plate?  Nearly a hundred whimsical, wild and wonderful things. Whether chefs are splashing it in a crust, covering it with batter, crafting it into beer caviar or pouring it into cake, these edible adventures prove that creativity is spilling over in the kitchen. Drinkers, dig in.

Linking beer and sausage: Four standout spots to sip brews with brats, bockwurst and more.

Making Marisol: Star chef Rick Bayless’ custom Goose Island brew designed for his Mexican eateries.

Beer’s best cupcakes: Five beer-infused cupcakes combine drinks and dessert.

Sinful beer chocolates: A quartet of luscious beer truffles, plus two spots to pair brew and chocolate.

Beer-pizza permutations: Six beer-infused pizzas, plus a beer made with pie in mind.

Show us your mussels: A trio of ways to enjoy beer’s favorite shellfish.

Cheese, please!: Three ways to taste beer and cheese at their best.

Beer dishes we love: Break your diet with these 10 can’t-miss dishes made and paired with beer.

Pils and vinegar: One chef’s innovative beer vinegar, plus how to make your own.

Unique eats: These five eateries boast more than good chow and solid beer: They each have unique dining experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Soup’s on!: Make a simple, fresh parsnip, beer and banana soup.

Spiked ice cream: Eight incredible beer ice creams, plus two more frozen beer treats.

Chicago’s new nanos: Three Windy City restaurants with mini-breweries in the kitchen.

A drink in disguise: A star chef’s “beer” cocktail.

The new pub grub: New spins on old bar snacks put the pretzel-peanut mix to shame

Play with your food: Beer and food collide at these classes, contests and events.

Brooklyn’s finest: Must-stop spots in New York’s beeriest borough.

Beerstrique: A simple beer-based gastrique is our new go-to sauce.

Vietnamese meets beer: Vietnamese restaurants are embracing American and European craft.

Top of the food chains: Five must-try pairings at America’s greatest brew-friendly chains, and surprising craft options at non-beer eateries.

Beer chili: Three unforgetta-bowls.

PLUS: These nine restaurants dedicated to beer and mind-blowing chow.

Meddlesome Moth

Grain & Gristle

The Old Fashioned


Birch & Barley

Tipsy Pig

Social Kitchen & Brewery

Meridian Pint



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