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A pint of wine, please

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Thanks to tonight’s Vikings vs. Saints battle royale, the thick stench of competition’s in the air. Thus, there’s no better time for another installment of “Beer vs…” This time? A pint of beer vs. a glass of wine.

In one ring, we’ve got beer and the wonderful choice to consume it from a bottle, can or keg. In the other corner, we’ve got wine—bottle only. Want a glass of wine with that choice steak? You’re more than likely the third of fourth person to get a pour, and in the beer world that’s just sacrilegious. The way we consume our beloved beverages has almost as much to do with their appreciation as the ingredients that create them. Oxidation, cork spoilage, Shaq-sized carbon footprints—buying wine by the glass is navigating through a field of disappointment and self-loathing. Today, beer’s a clear-cut winner. Tomorrow? The playing field may be equal.

Free Flow Wines, producers of Silvertap Wines, is turning heads with the introduction of kegged wine. Currently pouring from the tap in select markets throughout the country, these wines are slated to evolve the way consumers imbibe their grape juice. Why kegged wine, you ask? According to the company, their process not only cuts down on production cost—which cuts down on the consumer’s cost—but eliminates the problem of spoiled wine common at restaurants, as well as overall bottle waste. It’s actually common in Europe, and I’m fairly certain that region knows its wine.

Boxed wine has battled misconceptions and stereotypes, while promoting itself for almost the same reasons. A kegged ally might just turn the wine industry upside down.

I’ll have a pint of Pinot, please.



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