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A TV-ready brewery

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If Discovery’s once-promising “Brew Masters,” which documented the day-to-day at Dogfish Head, had continued its run and spotlighted a new brewery with each season, Alaskan Brewing would have been the perfect follow-up to the adventures of Sam Calagione. Just think about the brewery’s setting in Juneau, Alaska—it’s like “Ice Road Truckers” meets “Deadliest Catch” with two sides of “Northern Exposure” and beer. Plus, the city’s only accessible by boat or plane (so maybe less “Ice Road Truckers” and more “Flying Wild Alaska”). I’ve been told some employees ride snowmobiles to work, while others wake up early for a snowy hike each day before trekking to the brewery. This is the kind of life and culture I want to watch from the comfort of my couch.

Take a look at this beautiful video from the brewery, which illustrates what brewery co-founder Geoff Larson means when he says, “You walk out an it’s an Ansel Adams photograph.”

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