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Apples in your beer

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With GABF just a few days off, get ready for plenty of beery anecdotes coming your way the rest of the week on this blog. But, before I forget: A few more tips on cider. No doubt, you’ve probably noticed some cider coverage on our site recently. There’s this story, this post, this video—cider’s becoming a big deal, as evidenced by places like Bushwhacker Cider in Portland, Ore., a cider bar that stocks more than 100 varieties and makes its own in the back. Plus, there’s New York City’s very own Cider Week, held last September, which featured the likes of Farnum Hill, Naked Flock, Steampunk and Bellweather.

And it’s not just cider that’s growing in popularity. It seems the apple itself is quietly invading craft beer territory. Check out these three beers:

* Redd’s Apple Ale: Available in 10 states (mainly in the South) this newly launched blonde ale’s infused with apple flavor.

* Furthermore Fallen Apple: For this hybrid, the Wisconsin brewery blends its cream ale with cider from Kickapoo Orchard—it’s a highly anticipated fall release.

* New Glarus Apple Ale: Like the rest of the brewery’s Thumbprint Series offerings, it’s hard to predict when this beer might be released again, but it’s worth hunting down next time it’s available. Pressed local apples are blended into this brown ale for an absolutely delicious pairing of toasted malts and ripe apples.

What’s your favorite apple-infused beer? Hopefully it’s not something with Acetaldehyde.


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  • Dave says:

    We have just been putting the aplpes through a juicer, boiling the juice, skimming the solid mass that floats to the top, and freezing what’s remaining. It’s pretty yummy. It takes a lot of aplpes to make a little bit of cider.

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