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Around Florida in 11 beers

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Florida’s hot right now, and we’re not just talking about the weather: The Sunshine State’s beer scene is booming, and thankfully, a lot of the craft is bottled (or canned) for at-home indulgence. These are the Florida beers we can’t get enough of right now:

Pensacola Bay Li’l Napoleon: Quick history lesson: Florida was once a French territory, though the famous little man never visited its shores. This smooth IPA has surprisingly English leanings with sturdy toffee, caramel and honey; it’s speckled with peppery hops that pull the swallow to a compelling bitter finish.

Brew Bus Wheat: This big, bright wheat beer—brewed by Cigar City for brewery tour company Brew Bus USA—reminds you of Florida’s tropical climes, bursting with pineapple, melon and wheat tartness; it’s super fruity and fluffy, with a bristly grass hop finish.

Miami Brewing Shark Bait: This wheat is bait for a shark with a sweet tooth: The effervescent brew swims with big bubblegum flavor and fruity mango (from the addition of mango juice); it’s Champagne-dry and dangerously drinkable.

Rapp Gose: No beer smells like Florida’s coast the way this gose does: Its oceanic saltiness exudes a seaside aroma. An easy sipper, it’s lemony-tart and lively on the tongue, though still full and creamy; the salt slips in and the sip disappears quickly, like a receding tide.

Due South Mexican Standoff: This chocolate-chili porter showcases Latin flair with a huge wallop of jalapeño flavor and heat that salsas through the whole swallow. Sweet chocolate emerges in the middle alongside a touch of cinnamon spice before a smoldering, ashy finish.

Engine 15 Nut Sack Brown Ale: Despite the slightly unappetizing name, this Jacksonville brew’s truly delicious: The round, creamy mouthfeel hosts caramel malt and nutty flavors with a touch of lactic sourness. A fruity cherry note appears in the middle before a clean finish.

Native Lager: Looking to never leave the beach? This sessionable sipper is an easy day-long companion, with bready malts and a touch of peppery hops bumping happily along the sip; just a hint of husky grains and a clean, carbonic bite clean up the sip.

Cigar City Florida Cracker: The perfect antidote to a sweltering summer day on the Florida coast, this tart Belgian white ale’s sweet lemon and white pepper kick make a true summer refresher.

Intuition Aleworks People’s Pale Ale: This simple sipper is balanced like a pro surfer: Grapefruity hops ride smooth, caramel malts before sturdy bitterness sweeps the mouth clean.

Swamp Head Sciaenhops: As sneaky as the rise of Florida’s beer scene, this imperial red ale’s 8.3% ABV is hardly detectable, but for a little slickness and warmth in the finish: The deep soft caramel and grassy, piney hops are balanced for a full, flavorful swallow.



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