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Jeff Cioletti is an NYC-based beverage writer. Follow him on Twitter @JeffCioletti.
The Rhum Diaries

L’Esprit des Caraïbes Françaises

Suds of Anarchy

The Growler Howlers are all about great rides and great beer, and they want you to join them.

The twisted side of cocktail bitters

New flavors of these potent, flavorful extracts revolutionize both cocktails and cuisine.

Genever: where gin meets whiskey (sort of)

Although not widely known in the U.S., this botanical, malt-based spirit is making a comeback.

From cinema to singani

You may not have heard of the Bolivian-born spirit singani, but it has fans worldwide, including one Hollywood heavyweight.

Beertown: Washington, D.C.

The district’s buildings and monuments are almost as impressive as its beer scene.

Spirits: Irish moonshine

A tradition of illicit whiskey isn’t unique to the States.

Teach me to tiki

Tiki bars and their umbrella-spiked culture have seen a more polished revival over the past few years, but these drinks should never be taken too seriously.

What to drink next: Aperitifs and digestifs

OK, you’ve got the meal pairing down, but what should you drink before and after dinner arrives?

Shochu: the session spirit

Made with ingredients ranging from the common (barley, sweet potatoes) to the curious (tomatoes, milk), the low-ABV Japanese spirit is ideal for a tasting flight that you won’t totally regret the next morning.

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