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Jessica Daynor is DRAFT’s managing editor. Reach her at jessica.daynor [at] draftmag.com.
Beer explainer: Marzen

The fast facts on spring’s ultimate underdog lager.

8 Valentine’s Day-appropriate chocolate beers

Not all chocolate beers are worthy.

The best little big brewery in America

Does access to big resources make a 12-person brewery “big”?

Easy does it: Session beers in 15 styles

There’s a session beer out there for you, promise!

Q&A: Jack Maxwell

The “Booze Traveler” star’s most memorable drinks.

10 beers that taste like cocktails

Inspired by the craft cocktail trend, spirited beers are made with mixed drinks in mind.

Dear Prudence answers advises a subject whose spouse is a post-beer boaster.

Your rules: Beer-bar etiquette

Rule No. 1 in the beer-bar book.

The best beer bars, chains edition

There can never be too much of a good thing.

The anatomy of a vintage beer list

Dissecting Gramercy Tavern’s vintage list.

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