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Joe Stange is the author of Around Brussels in 80 Beers and co-author of Good Beer Guide Belgium. Follow him on Twitter @Thirsty_Pilgrim.
How to find decent cask ale while amusing kids in London

It’s easy. There are books.

Philly loves (Belgian) beer

Philly Beer Week closes its influential decade with a new name and new beer.

Old bridges and new breweries: a postcard from Prague

Where past and present swirl around each other in a beery snowglobe.

So, what’s Belgium up to these days?

An indiscriminate peek at its newest breweries offers some insight into the country’s current scene.

Can beer bring us together in 2017?

Maybe beers, bars and real conversation—over a few pints, of course—can help us out of this mess.

A thirsty pilgrim’s 10 best beers of 2016

Draft contributor and beer-lover abroad Joe Stange picks his favorites from this year’s travels.

Yuletide is here. Let’s drink like pagans.

Put a log on the fire and party with the ancients.

The Starbucksification of craft beer bars

Chains of bars take novelty beer mainstream. Then what?

Belgium’s beer culture is officially a world treasure

Beer, I would argue, has no nationality. It has no ethnicity, no religion, and it carries no passports. Its deepest roots are local, not …

In praise of Baltic porters’ naughty comfort

This great style is underrated everywhere … except maybe Poland.

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