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Beer adventure: Drinking through Yellowstone country

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We share some pretty amazing beer adventures in our current issue, and here’s one more for the list: Zephyr Adventures (travel company and organizer of the Beer Bloggers Conference) will host a 6-day, 5-night trek in and around Yellowstone National Park Sept. 9 to 14, stopping at six breweries along the way. Each day explores new environs on foot or wheels: Participants will hike the trails of Idaho’s Harriman State Park, bike in Big Sky and Grand Teton National Park, and take a cruiser ride from the top of Beartooth Pass down 5,000-plus feet to Red Lodge, Montana. The best stops, though, are for beer: The trek hits Yellowstone Valley Brewing, Snake River Brewing, Lone Peak Brewery, Montana Ale Works, Red Lodge Ales, Bozeman Brewing and Grand Teton Brewing, plus the Montana Brewers Fest in Bozeman. Also cool: Trekkers will visit the Montana State University Hop Farm and harvest hops that Lone Peak will use in one of its brews.

Sounds like an excellent way to enjoy the fall colors—on the trees, and in a glass. Know of any other can’t-miss beer adventures?

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Correction: An earlier version of this post switched the Montana Brewers Festival with a festival of a similar name.



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  • Todd says:

    The festival in Sept. is the “MONTANA BREWERS FESTIVAL”

  • todd says:

    The Sept. festival is the “MONTANA BREWERS FESTIVAL” put on by the Montana Brewers Association. “MONTANA BEER FESTIVAL” is less than 2 weeks away on April 8th in Bozeman. Please update this so people know there was a typo. Thanks!

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