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Beer and running series seeking investors

Beerfit has raised $640,000 in a seed round of investing -- and is looking for more
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Photo via https://wefunder.com/beerfit

Photo via https://wefunder.com/beerfit

The beer and running phenomenon is becoming big business, with one beer mile runner even earning a six-figure salary.

And now one race series is looking for investors to keep it growing.

Beerfit, the company behind the Brew Mile events, is currently offering shares in the company starting at $100.

According to WeFunder, Beerfit has a market cap of $5.5 million, meaning investors are “betting the company will be worth more than $5.5M in the future.” Investing also means perks like VIP access and complimentary tickets.

According to Beerfit’s profile, the company has already generated more than $750,000 in revenue with 25,000 tickets sold. It’s also raised more than $640,000 in a seed round of investing and gained partnerships with Uber, PBR and Miller Coors.

“We started by offering a Brew Mile for everyone: a celebration of drinking and running that brought together tens of thousands of amateur runners,” wrote founder and CEO Marc Hodulich, who is also an accomplished beer miler. “Now, we’re adding on a new event for the seasoned endurance runner: a Power Hour 60-minute timed run.”

Do you beer and running event have a future in business? Would you invest?


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