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Beer cans will never be the same

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Just when you thought beer cans couldn’t get any better, Sly Fox goes and changes the game. The Pennsylvania brewery announced the release of the newest innovation in beer can technology: The 360 Lid. That picture pretty much explains it all.

Instead of cracking open a tiny hole on the top of the can, the 360 Lid let’s you completely remove the top, creating a kind of aluminum beer cup. The first beer to go into the can is the brewery’s Helles Golden Lager (available now at the brewery and in distribution channels at the beginning of April), followed by its Pikeland Pils, which will be available exclusively inside Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park during Phillies home games.

Considering all the recent vessel-tweaking we’ve seen in the macrobrewing sector (wide mouth cans, cans that change color, swirled-neck bottles) it’s pretty cool to see this development come from the craft beer industry—and I can definitely see it catching on. Of course, craft breweries have been known to change things up a bit when it comes to their packaging: Alumi-Tek bottles from Sun King and Oskar Blues, flat-top cans from Churchkey and the skinny Red Bull-like cans from Sixpoint. But, I won’t be shocked if the 360 Lid is the one idea that really spreads.

Which brewery would you like to see adopt this idea?


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  • Juan says:

    No thanks

  • Rocc says:

    Id like to see Cigar City in Tampa start doing this..

  • mike says:

    that makes pouring (into the proper glass) look much nicer. who makes these.. Bell?

  • Justin says:

    ALL! No light struck beers, faster chill time, wont’ break in a back pack, take it camping and you don’t even have to bring glassware or a plastic cup to enjoy the aroma of the beer.

  • Norman says:

    I remember reading that Samuel Adams considered cans like this, but it violated several littering laws in the states they distributed to.

  • RAL says:

    Absolutely stupid. Now, the beer can separates into two parts where the lid can be thrown out to create litter just like the old pull tabs of the 70’s. It’s a great idea in theory if it could somehow circumvent the idiocy of humans to litter.

  • Sean F.S. says:

    Cigar City for sure sinse that is my daily routine. The concept is great because I do hate having to carry a cup with me to the beach or park.
    In response to RAL. I believe and I could be wrong, but from what I see as far as litter is nothing but cheap beer, fast food, and trash. I do not find myself walking about looking at Southern Tier bottles or Arrogant Bastards scattered about the streets and parks. Littering by Walmart Society idiots will always be there, for they know no better and I don’t think there is a need for AB-Inbev to be in these cans. Prost!

  • mollie says:

    Half Acre Brewery in Chicago, IL. Best beer ever

  • Gary says:

    I agree with RAL. What do you do with the lid? Especially after you’ve had a few?

  • danos says:

    You dispose of the lid the same place you dispose of the can when you are done with that.

  • Keith says:

    To those asking ‘what do you do with the lid?’: what do you do with bottle caps? Eat them? Throw then on the ground? Put them in the trash?

  • Karl Groves says:

    It’s still a can….

  • Bill says:

    ^^Beer Snob!!!

    Most ppl who would drink craft beer from a can like this aren’t the type who would litter anyway…and the prisoners can pick up the tabs when they pick up the cans. If I was governor, you could litter all day long…the criminals would pick it up!!!

  • Tater says:

    Trashy people will always be trashy. If your a decent person you dont throw your trash in the streets. Although we may disagree on this concept it is always important for all of us to support innovation and the promotion of good beer. As for the Walmart /ABI comments big is not always bad. Both are the leaders in their industry with quality standards that are second to none and innovative products that not only serve a need for the existing consumers , but also develop new categories and allow for new entry level customers as well

  • craft beer.crew says:

    karl groves…. whats wrong with a can? There is not a better vessel for beer except for a keg

  • chewychee says:

    How do you go canoeing with that?

  • Kevin Dobo says:

    I’d almost agree with RAL and others but think about it… anybody who is asshole enough to litter with the lid is going to litter with the whole can anyway.

  • Pete says:

    Don’t be dumb – craft beer drinkers don’t litter! BTW we’re getting into craft beer cans down under, slow to start but ready to take on the concept. Like this complete top opening system. Maybe my brewery should consider this (www.balmainbrewing.com.au)

  • Ryan says:

    I still love people that have problems with cans but love beer on draft. KEGS are aluminum… I love bottles too, but I trust a can to travel and age better than a bottle. Airtight seal, no light can get in, just better.

  • @MetaBrewing says:

    I like the idea of having a large opening to be able to get aroma from the beer, for those situations that are not conducive to having a glass to pour into.

  • Mike says:

    More likely to spill in your lap when driving around though….lol

  • Chip says:

    Most kegs are stainless steel, not aluminum. This new top poses some pros and cons, as with most new innovations to the beverage industry. Is it a trend or will it stand the test of time? We shall see.

  • Jazzy says:

    It’s not new. They already do that with soup cans & such. AND now it will spill more out even more quickly before you can pick it up. It will also go flat faster, like when it’s in a glass.

  • Gazza says:

    Hey Jazzy, not sure about you guys but drinking beer from a can in AUS doesn’t last long enough to go flat. Great idea, I hope it spreads worldwide..

  • DS says:

    Id like to have 4 of these and test them out on the beer mile, first attempt didnt go well due to aeration.

  • DJ says:

    What are the chances of cutting your upper lip on the sharp part of the can?

  • butch81385 says:

    DJ, about the same as your chances of cutting your upper lip on the sharp part of a current can…

  • Velo says:

    Great. Now I’ll have beer sloshing around out of the can and spilling all over my console while I’m driving.

  • ian says:

    go flat? this is a concern? Yeesh Seems like the best beer vessle to me, all the freshness of the can with all the aroma of a pint.

  • Peter says:

    People that litter aren’t going to stop at the pop top. People that don’t aren’t going to toss it. The roadside is littered with Natty Light cans, not Oskar Blues or Good People cans.

  • Felix says:

    This is going to drive my cat insane.

  • R Ebitz says:

    This is great, now we can have a drink like an grown up, not like a baby using a slurpee cup.

    I’ll still use my bug not cover to keep things from getting into the can tho.

  • Jarrod Stanton says:

    My “concern” is, is the lid sharp, like the old pull tabs of the past? Heathens would litter those old pull tabs at the beach or in lakes, and they can cut the feet.

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