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Beer drinker live-blogs Jim Koch’s yeast theory

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Yesterday, at around 2 p.m., a guy decided it was time to test Jim Koch’s theory on how to drink without getting drunk. So, naturally, he logged onto Reddit’s beer community and live-blogged the event. The set-up: a six-pack of Widmer Hefeweizen and a bunch of bakers yeast (of which he took one teaspoon with water before each beer). Although we wouldn’t recommend doing this, here’s how it played out:

I wonder if Jim Koch experiences the same burping trouble when he’s out at Samuel Adams events. Onto beer five:

At this point, I figured the guy was actually done, so I stopped checking in for the evening. Apparently, he found a second wind and decided to blast through the entire second six-pack. Hopefully he doesn’t have work this morning.

Read the whole thing here, including the comments (yes, he also answered questions along the way).


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