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Beer for breakfast!

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A sunny Saturday calls for more than a bowl of granola: Head to the farmers market, gather the spoils of spring (Chives! Rhubarb! Asparagus!), and whip up these beer-splashed breakfast dishes—just one, or together as the beeriest brunch spread ever.

Recipes by Carolyn Malcoun | Photography by Jon Edwards | Food Styling by Ana Osgood

Have a double dose of weisse for breakfast: Pour the beer in these airy pancakes, then stir some into the fruity compote topping.
Your favorite wheat beer adds fresh flavor to quickly braised greens in this bacon, egg and cheese morning sandwich.
A blueberry ale melds nicely with these muffins’ tart rhubarb, but your favorite fruit beer will work just as well.
It’s your morning bagel elevated to brunch-table status: Smoked salmon, roasted asparagus, cream cheese and chives wrapped in rye-beer crepes.
Rauchbier adds a smoky note to sausage gravy spooned over herbed biscuits.


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