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Beer jelly beans are here

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It’s only January, but we’re pretty sure this Easter will be the best yet. Jelly Belly—maker of jellybeans in flavors like chili mango, toasted marshmallow and 7Up—has debuted Draft Beer beans, with a profile (do jelly beans have “profiles”?) inspired by a German hefeweizen. According to the company, the new flavor has long been requested by its fans.

Rip open the package, and the smell is pungent and distinctly brewery-esque; you can almost see the steam rising from the tank. “Usually the factory has a sweet and fruity aroma, but when we’re making this flavor it’s just like being in an ale house,” Jeff Brown, a Jelly Belly vice president, said in a press release. They smell so beery, you question whether you should pop the pearlescent eggs in your mouth. But do try them—you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They taste sweet and chewy, as a good jellybean should, but a light plume of beer runs through each bite. It’s not quite as zippy as a traditional hefe, but a pilsner? Absolutely.

Also worth noting: Jelly Belly’s also hip to beer mixology; the company suggests pairing the Draft Beer beans with its peach flavor to make a “Beer Sangria” jellybean cocktail. A Michelada? That’s two Draft Beers, one Lemon Lime and one Tabasco.



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