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A beer mile American record


The beer mile just went viral.

Olympian and beer runner Nick Symmonds — who I’ve written about before — beat his previous best with a 5:19 beer mile that he documented on Twitter and YouTube. It subsequently was picked up on Buzzfeed and even TMZ.

You can watch the entire video here.

He feel short of the 5:09 world record he was shooting for, but he wasn’t giving up.

“Learned a lot in tonight’s #NSBeerMile,” he wrote on Twitter after the race. “Definitely know where time needs to be shaved off.”

Coincidentally, Symmonds is coming to Milwaukee in October to attend the Lakefront Marathon and speak at a social media conference I’m helping to organize. And I’ve beent trying to organize a beer mile with friends all summer.

This may be destiny.

Consider this my official invitation to Nick Symmonds to run the beer mile with me in October in Milwaukee. I can beat my PR and he can set the world record.

What do you say, Nick?


Tim Cigelske is DRAFT's Beer Runner. (Beer Run•ner [noun]: Someone equally devoted to fine beer appreciation and an active, healthy lifestyle. Ex. "John downed four microbrews at the triathlon finish line. He's a total beer runner.”) Follow Tim on Twitter @TheBeerRunner, and email him at beerrunner [at]

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  • Cupcake says:

    That was a pretty good race, although I would have liked them to check the “empties” as they sounded pretty full when they hit the ground.

    Tim, I’m always down for a beer mile btw.

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