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Beer reminds us world’s still ending

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Last night I caught a show on one of those sciencey cable networks about eternal inflation in the cosmos and the theory of a multiverse. Apparently, we’re all living in an increasingly expanding block of Swiss cheese that might contain another universe identical to ours, or something. So, this morning, when I saw this video from Shock Top that posed the question “What do you want to do before the end of the world?” my immediate answer was “Locate that universe identical to ours in the expanding block of Swiss cheese and create a wormhole that would allow me to travel to said universe, where I’ll eliminate my doppelganger and reassume the role as myself.”

The lady in the video, who won Shock Top’s End of the World Challenge, was all, like, “Dude, I want to conquer my fear of heights!”

This “end of world” campaign from AB-InBev’s Shock Top line may seem familiar: We’ve seen the company’s previous reminder here, and from another brewery here. More reminders are likely to arrive as we casually drink our way through Earth’s final days.

As for me, I’ll be sure to say “Hi” to all of “you” when I’m hanging out in the Underverse’s Bizarro Earth.


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