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Bernie Weisse: Your Super Tuesday beer of choice

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery releases its “slightly sour and forward-thinking Berliner Weisse” today.
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It’s Super Tuesday, that oh-so-exciting date during which a dozen states and one U.S. territory are holding elections to nominate candidates for the highest office in the country. And whether or not you live in one of the areas in which voting will occur, you’ve seen the folks running for president—you’re going to need a drink.

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery has you covered. Today, the brewery releases cans of Bernie Weisse—a “slightly sour and forward-thinking Berliner Weisse” named after Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

According to co-founder Matt Wilson, Zero Gravity has been making a Berliner Weisse—a tart, German-style wheat ale—for several years. The beer was renamed after Sanders and premiered on draft last summer shortly after the Vermont senator announced his candidacy.

“Berliner Weisse is a very fun gateway into the sour scene,” Wilson says. “It’s not challenging; has a light tartness and is super refreshing—not unlike Senator Sanders himself.”

Based in Burlington, Vermont, Zero Gravity obviously has a bit of a bias toward its hometown senator, but Wilson says he’s not selling the brew in order to sway voters one way or another.

“For us the key to this has been a celebration of Bernie,” Wilson says. “It’s not a political thing. It’s about celebrating Bernie and watching his amazing run to the highest office in the land.”

The bad news: Zero Gravity is releasing just 300 cases of the canned beer exclusively at its production brewery in Burlington, so only locals or those willing to make the drive for the cans will be able to get them. For all other politically inclined beer drinkers—perhaps we can interest you in a “Chillary Clinton” beer koozy?


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  • Carla Rodriguez says:

    How can we buy it? Greetings from California!

  • Bill says:

    Unfortunately, when they serve it in the brew pub they take your pint and pour it into 15 other shot glasses around the bar. You’re left with a swig and scowl on your face. Then the bartenders grab the rest of the food on your plate and share it with each other.

  • CincyChris says:

    I guess everyone in America will be receiving a free allotment of Bernie Weiss courtesy of the federal government- since it’s made in the spirit of Bernie and his socialist ideas and all.

  • Bob B says:

    Exactly Bill, they take a little bit of the 600lb obese guy in the corners buffet of food and distribute a little bit of that to starving children in the restaurant. That’s a better anology.

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