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Best news of the week: Cantillon is expanding

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That right there is a picture of the soon-to-be Cantillon conditioning facility, located a few hundred meters from its current location (and former home to lambic blender Brasserie Limbourg).

The famous Belgian lambic maker announced this morning on Facebook that it’s expanding its operation, with plans to move into the building in October and double its production over the next four years.

“The wort, brewed at the Cantillon’s brewery, will be transferred the day after the cooling and will mature for years in the new location. As you know, we need at least two or three years to produce a beer. In this way to work, the next production increasing will take place during the season 2016-2017,” reads the post.

Mark your calendars, everyone! Maybe by then there will be enough Cantillon to go around.

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[Image courtesy of Cantillon]


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