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“Do you drink? Yes.
Do you run? Yes.
Can you drink 4 beers and run a mile? Hell yes! Let’s do this.”

That’s the tagline for Brew Mile, which features (you guessed it) four beers over the course of a mile.

There are plenty of race series dedicated to running followed by beer. But a new series called Brew Mile is the first and only one I’m aware of devoted to the beer mile.

Technically, it’s not an official beer mile format — which is probably why it’s called the Brew Mile. It’s not timed, it’s not on a track and there isn’t a winner. What is familiar to beer mile participants in the one beer per quarter mile.

Upcoming race locations include Houston, Tampa, New York and Atlanta, and you can get on an email list with updates for several more cities. The Tampa race is sponsored by Cigar City Brewing on Oct 17th, and Houston features St. Arnold’s Brewery on Nov 6th.

Each races is followed by a 3-hour open bar, and each participant must define a designated driver, reserve a ride, or use public transportation to get home from the event.

The FAQ on the site has some fun, and lists the reasons why you shouldn’t sign up for a Brew Mile:

“You’re a weak-willed person who wants to look back at their life and regret all of the things you could have done but didn’t. Just kidding. Not really.”


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