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Must-stop spots in New York’s beeriest borough.

Bar food is elevated to a thing of beauty at Dean Street: Think New York steak frites with shallot butter and cavatelli; fennel sausage and kale; and pan-seared salmon with stir-fried rice. Local beers from Kelso share tap space with drafts from Spaten, Palm and Sly Fox.

Beer nerd Chris Gray and cheese geek Beth Lewand married more than each other: Eastern District, their Brooklyn beer-and-cheese shop, combines the two in every which way, from Jasper Hill’s lambic-washed Winnimere cheese to the killer ham-and-cheese sandwich slathered with My Friend’s Mustard, whose star ingredient is Sixpoint Craft Ale.

Justin and Tricia Philips’ Beer Table has become the place to experience beer in an intimate way. The bar began with a focus on rare, world-class beer and has evolved with an ever-changing food menu (don’t miss the marinated picholine olives), a popular Sunday brunch and lessons in pairing suds with everything from cheese to cookies. Stop in for a sip of Fantôme Hiver with the local homebrew club, or buy a bottle to go.



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