Bock beer

Bock Beer: Complete Guide to the Beer Profile and Different Styles

Bock beer is a unique, popular lager that is famous for its high alcohol content and overwhelming malt character. As a beer enthusiast, discovering a new beer style is always exciting,...
What is ice beer

What Is Ice Beer: All You Need To Know About This Unique Style

“What is ice beer” has probably crossed your mind at least once, and you’re not the only one. When you hear ice beer, it doesn’t mean adding ice cubes to your...
Pastry stout

Pastry Stout: Everything You Need To Know About This Dessert Beer

In the world of beer, Pastry Stout has been the latest talk of the town because of its unique sweet taste. The category of pastry beers remains unlisted at the moment but is...
Lambic beer

Lambic Beer: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Unique Style of Beer

The existence of Lambic beer is deeply rooted in the Belgian beer culture as it is known for its funky, fruity and spontaneous character. Lambic-style beers have a slight mystery and...
Saison beer

Saison Beer: The Best Belgian-style Summer Drink for Beginners

Saison beer is a famous Belgian-style, thirst-quenching beer from the Wallonia region, a small French-speaking area of Belgium. It was traditionally brewed solely during the winter months when farmworkers had less...
Ipa vs pale ale

IPA vs Pale Ale – Comparing Two Similar Yet Unique Beers

IPA vs Pale Ale: what’s the difference? While it may seem a little too obvious on the surface, understanding the art of craft beer is much more intricate. But you don’t...
Pilsner vs lager

Pilsner vs Lager: Sorting the Difference Between the Two

The pilsner vs lager debate isn’t easy to settle as these are popular beer types. Plus, many people get them confused since they have many similar characteristics. Did you realize, though, that...
Hazy beer

Hazy Beer: The Haze Craze You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Hazy beer is one of the most widely sought after craft beers offering a visual treat to any beer lover; the unique feature of the hazy pale ale, as the name...
Kolsch beer

Kolsch Beer: Enjoy a Crisp, Delicious Beer in the Hot Summer Season!

Kolsch beer is the best way to enjoy the warm weather because this beer is light, refreshing, and perfect for a hot summer day by the pool. Kolsch is one of...
German Weiss Beers

Weiss Beer: Rediscover the Best of German Wheat Beers

Weiss beer, also referred to as Weissbier, is a typical wheat beer from Bavaria. It translates to "White Beer” in German. If you've visited German beer halls lately, chances are you've...

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