The new IPA

Cloudy, hugely flavorful and a lot less bitter, the new breed of IPA is earning high scores and high praise from fans.

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The Session: Life cycle of a beer geek

Beer blogger Oliver Gray is experiencing a beer mid-life crisis. But doesn’t everyone?

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What’s in store for Jester King’s 58-acre farmland purchase?

Founder Jeffrey Stuffings has plans for beekeeping, cows, winemaking and a restaurant.

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Deschutes Abyss Cognac and Rye Editions: Drink now or lay down?

To celebrate 10 years of Abyss, Deschutes Brewery rolled out two new barrel-aged versions of the popular imperial stout. For how long should these new brews be aged? Should they be aged at all? We popped a couple of them open to find out.

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The beer mile show

Endurance running news website Flotrack has launched a new web video series for the Beer Mile World Championships

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Pedal powered beer

How many beers can you earn on the bike?

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Milwaukee sets beer mile record

The number to beat is 26

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A record beer mile attempt

The Milwaukee Running Group and friends will attempt to establish a world record for the most people to complete the Beer Mile

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Brew Mile starts race series

Brew Mile is the first and only race series I’m aware of devoted to the beer mile.

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A marathon hangover

Nausea and stomach cramps. Extreme fatigue while restless and not being able to sleep. Your mind a complete fog

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