Parti-gyle brewing: How one mash becomes two beers

How some brewers are using the ingredients left over from big beers to make small, sessionable ones.

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Barrel-fermented vs. barrel-aged: What’s the difference?

What the yeast are up to—and when—makes all the difference.

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The session IPA scale

Despite session IPAs’ increasing share of the beer market, their very definition remains contentious. This charts plots a few examples of the diversity within the style.

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What the heck is a turbid mash?

A funky old Belgian brewing technique explained.

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No basement, no problem: A guide to aging beer in hostile environments

Don’t dump ’em: A brew that’s sweet and boozy fresh could become great, given time.

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The sour spectrum

What does “sour” mean when it comes to beer? Test your knowledge of the style’s variety.

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Charting the spectrum of stouts.

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How to photograph beer

Our pro’s tips on shooting high-quality images of bottles and pints.

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Glassware 101

Wondering what beer goes in a tulip glass, or how to properly serve a weizen? Check out our guide to beer glassware.

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How to pour a perfect pint

Three steps are all you need to achieve a picture-perfect pint.

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