Flat beer to carbonated

Flat Beer to Carbonated: Bring Your Boring Flat Beer Back to Life

No one should have to suffer through the bitter, heavy and boring taste of flat beer.  However, there’s good news; you can turn the beer around into something delicious. This guide...
Hot sauce in beer

Hot Sauce in Beer: Is It as Delicious as They Say?

Hot sauce in beer: If you’ve ever heard anything about it, there’s a chance that you recoiled from the idea. Everyone likes their beer in different ways, so the taste that...
How to order beer at a bar

How To Order Beer at a Bar: Your Ultimate Guide To Be Confident

Knowing how to order beer at a bar is a great way of having a fun time. This is especially the case when you are visiting the bar for the first...
Man chuging beer from the glass

Chug Beer: Master These Techniques To Become a Beer Chugging Champion

Chug beer with your friends to have some fun and it might just spark a friendly competition. So, what is chugging? Simply put, it means drinking beer in massive gulps. If you...
Effects of driving after drinking one beer

Can You Drive After One Beer? The Risks of Driving Under the Influence

Trying to drive after one beer can lead to serious road accidents, no matter how innocent it seems. A standard glass of beer might not cause a lot of damage, but...
Can you drink expired beer

Drinking Expired Beer: Here Are the Ins and Out of an Old Beer Bottle

Drinking expired beer: is it safe? If you ever stumble upon an old bottle of beer or expired beer can, there’s a chance you might have wondered this. All beer lovers know...
Lemon in beer

Lemon in Beer: Does It Have Health Benefits or Is It Just for Taste?

Lemon in beer that enhances its taste or a glass full of beer with ice cubes and lather at the top: Which one would you choose? Most beer lovers prefer a...
Birch beer vs root beer

Birch Beer vs Root Beer: Brewing the Difference Between the Two

The birch beer vs root beer debacle needs to be settled once and for all. Although the flavors of these two varieties of beer are very similar, there are some differences....
Drinking beer with a straw

Drinking Beer With a Straw: Is This the Fastest Way To Get Drunk?

The belief that drinking beer with a straw will get you drunk faster is a popular one. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim. When you drink beer...
Seafood pizza and berliner weiss beer

Best Beer With Pizza: How To Enjoy the Best Ever Food Combo

The best beer with pizza can help you create one of the best pairings for your night out if you want something delicious to eat. Although pizza and beer are usually...