Effects of driving after drinking one beer

Can You Drive After One Beer? The Risks of Driving Under the Influence

Trying to drive after one beer can lead to serious road accidents, no matter how innocent it seems. A standard glass of beer might not cause a lot of damage, but...
Sarsaparilla in the glass

Sarsaparilla vs Root Beer: How Are These Beverages Poles Apart

The Sarsaparilla vs root beer debate has intrigued beer lovers for ages. After all, with a similar appearance and source of origin, the difference between sarsaparilla and root beer is negligible to...
Malt liquor

Malt Liquor vs Beer: How Different Is Beer’s Closest Cousin?

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Best Beer With Pizza: How To Enjoy the Best Ever Food Combo

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Drinking beer with a straw

Drinking Beer With a Straw: Is This the Fastest Way To Get Drunk?

The belief that drinking beer with a straw will get you drunk faster is a popular one. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim. When you drink beer...
Can you drink expired beer

Drinking Expired Beer: Here Are the Ins and Out of an Old Beer Bottle

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Lemon in beer

Lemon in Beer: Does It Have Health Benefits or Is It Just for Taste?

Lemon in beer that enhances its taste or a glass full of beer with ice cubes and lather at the top: Which one would you choose? Most beer lovers prefer a...
Why do people drink beer

Why Do People Like Beer: 8 Interesting Reasons Why We Love a Cold Pint

Why do people like beer? Well, the reasons might vary but zythophiles can assure you there is a lot to like. Over time, beer has emerged to be a divisive drink....
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Beer Alternatives: What Are Your Other Drink Options?

Beer alternatives always come in handy at some point, especially when we have been over-indulging. It just feels right to try something new to give your body the time to metabolize...
How to order beer at a bar

How To Order Beer at a Bar: Your Ultimate Guide To Be Confident

Knowing how to order beer at a bar is a great way of having a fun time. This is especially the case when you are visiting the bar for the first...